Mercedes G500 has got a sky blue painting from Mansory studio

August 14, 2016 at 18:58

The Mansory tuning program prepared for Mercedes G500 4 × 4 makes the car more aggressive, due to the carbon fiber body elements and an improved power unit. As a result, the crossover mixes the luxury and power.

Mansory tuning package for G500 4x4 picture

Mansory tuning package for G500 4×4 picture

Mansory tuners supplied the modification by a new hood with a large air intake in the center and their logo on the grille. The tuning company has also added LED headlights in carboxylic frame. For most of the exterior trim and for vents located behind the front wings there was used the same lightweight material. The specialists also say about electric retractable running boards. The sky blue novelty’s interior is distinguished by carbon finishing on the steering wheel, decorative stitching, Mansory logos and aluminum pedals. For seats there was used a mix of leather and carbon material.

The interior view of the sky blue novelty image

The interior view of the sky blue novelty image

Mercedes Company decided to keep the 416-horsepower 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 for G500 4 × 4². But the specialists of Mansory studio have added 62 horsepower to the crossover and got 478 horsepower in total. The available torque increased to 710 N/m. These improvements were achieved thanks to the use of tuning PowerBox and Mansory sports tailpipe.

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