Mercedes-Benz ML 500 – the Speed Is Smooth

January 18, 2013 at 05:14

Today we will present the review of the driver of Mercedes-Benz ML 500. In the car, there are a lot of small but very useful options. For example a system key-less-go. There is no Webasto, but the interior warms up quickly in the winter (and this winter as you remember it was very snowy and cold). in -30 degrees the interior warms up for 1-2 minutes, + present heating system of Interior residual heat engine is idle for the engine. Very good and well thought out interior lights, you can easily travel at night.

Mercedes-Benz ML 500

Image of the Mercedes-Benz ML 500

More facts with regards to operating a car in the winter. No opportunity to help those, who suffer in lighting a (running) car in cold weather, because the battery pack is located under the passenger seat, and to get to it, you have to kill a lot of time. But this has its advantages, people already know about it (my neighbor) and does not even ask for help.

sand Mercedes-Benz ML 500

Image of the sand Mercedes-Benz ML 500

On cross-roads market, this car is above the competition. ML’s difference from X’s is that in the latter the driver as if is removed from active management. Steering wheel is a little not smooth. Even when over clocked to hundreds of less than 6 seconds (figure better than the X’s), you seem to sit home in the chair. Acceleration is not felt at all: no noise, the cabin is quiet, again, not even pressed into the seat.

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