The Overview of Engine Oils for Mercedes-Benz

May 22, 2012 at 17:52

As Mercedes-Benz is a unique and high-quality high-class car you should be very serious about the matters concerning its inner parts and the way you take care about them. Finding an appropriate oil for the engine is a great problem. As there are specialty and general as well as recommended brands and therefore it is fairly easy to get lost in all of that. Here are some of the recommendations and also the notes that should be taken into consideration by any Mercedes-Benz owner.

Mercedes-Benz Approved Oil Pics

Mercedes-Benz Approved Oil Pics

There are some oils that were approved by Mercedes-Benz itself. Therefore it will be the best and wisest thing – to use that ones. For example for majority of its commercial trucks which are equipped with diesel engines, Mercedes suggests SHPD (Super High Performance Diesel) oil, which is multi-viscosity, and also drain interval up to the 30,000 km. Though you should be careful when using the 228.x oils in some gas cars – as additives might also damage the catalytic converters. Therefore the ACEA E2-96 is fully based on these spec.

Or it is also possible to use Euro 2, the minimum specs for the CDIs, a multi-viscosity SHPD oil, and therefore extended drain intervals to the rate of 45,000 km. The 228.x oils are specially designed to handle the increased soot loads

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