The last version Mercedes-Benz pick-up will make its debut in July

July 15, 2017 at 11:42

The Mercedes-Benz Company is going to unveil the pick-up production version on July 18. The manufacturing will be arranged at Renault-Nissan factories located in Argentina and Spain. The carmakers of Mercedes-Benz brand will sell the novelty all over the world except some countries. What is strange, the North America is one of those places where the X-class car will not be available.

Mercedes Benz X-class has become the first production pick-up model pic

Mercedes Benz X-class has become the first production pick-up model pic

Mercedes-Benz Company has released the first pictures of the first pickup prepared for the conveyor. The production car will keep the concept’s name – it will be called as the Mercedes-Benz X-class. The new model has also borrowed the stylistic solutions of the concept version. It is also known, that the pickup will be based on the frame platform developed by Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan alliance’s partners. Most likely, they will also share a part of the engine range, first of all, four-cylinder engines.

The pick-up's interior design image

The pick-up’s interior design image

According to preliminary data, the X-class novelty will receive the same components as the GLE crossover. The charged version of X-class model from AMG workers will not be proposed. The main advantage of the production pickup will be hardness and load capacity, which, according to rumors, will exceed a ton.

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