New versions of Mercedes-Benz GLE

December 19, 2014 at 21:07

New Mercedes-Benz received the sport “genes”, coupled with better performance SUV. Its smooth sideline, elongated and narrow glazing, spectacular grille with chrome lamella and shape of the rear compartment GLE repeats features sports brand models.

DYNAMIC SELECT system for the first time made real such a wide range of dynamic characteristics, combining in one and the same feeling of a sports car dynamics and a high level of comfort on the road and beyond. In accordance with the five driving modes “individuality”, “comfort”, “black ice”, “SPORT” and “SPORT +”, is selected by a rotary switch on the center console, the control of dynamic characteristics DYNAMIC SELECT to activate these or other modes, fundamentally different apart. Option integrates into a single network all the systems that affect vehicle dynamics, thus creating different feels modes of motion.

Mercedes-Benz GLE pics

Mercedes-Benz GLE picture

At the same time, the function of the rotary light fully LED head light reacts more quickly, and the acoustics of the engine uses the entire sound repertoire – from sports to the impressiveness of restrained confidence.

Buyers can choose from multiple versions of the coupe-crossover. In particular, the diesel version GLE 350d 4Matic is equipped with a turbocharged engine producing 258 hp and 620 Nm, GLE 400 4Matic gives 333 hp, 480 Nm.

Mercedes-Benz GLE pics

Mercedes-Benz GLE image

Combines both sportiness and comfort especially manages 450 GLE model AMG. Version is equipped with the same petrol V6, but has 367l.s. and 520 Nm. So the car is equipped with a special body kit from AMG, 21-inch wheels, suspension AIRMATIC, adaptive dampers and automatic reduction of clearance at high speeds. This version makes it possible to enter into the world of the legendary sports car brand and highly dynamic cars.

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