New concept Mercedes One Class Revenge

June 16, 2015 at 13:25

Alfonso Nunez Pereya teaches at the Faculty of Advanced Industrial Design in Cordoba, Argentina.
As part of his work, he designed a concept motorcycle «Mercedes Benz Revenge 2030″.
Alfonso describes the motorcycle, “a powerful, dynamic and aesthetic.”

Mercedes One Class Revenge picture

Mercedes One Class Revenge pics

Alfonso design is radically different from the traditional design of the motorcycle. The main feature of the project is to plant the pilot, who hides his hands in front fairing, where the controls are.

Mercedes One Class Revenge pics

Mercedes One Class Revenge image

What is most interesting is that the vehicle is divided into two parts, giving the freedom to control, although the rationality of such a design is highly questionable.
Alfonso Nunez Pereya is a modern professor of design and of 3D-modeling.

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