Mercedes plans to create a unique EV platform

February 8, 2015 at 19:44

It became known that the Mercedes Company plans to create a unique platform for electric vehicles (so called – EV).
Despite the secrecy of the project, it is known that the company plans to invest in this project about € 2 billion ($ 2.4 million).
The future name of the platform in the range of the company is Ecoluxe.

The new platform will be developed in two different standard sizes and on its basis will be established, at, least four different electric vehicle.
The first model of the company, based on Ecoluxe platform, should appear at the end of 2019 or in early 2020.
This may be a coupe-crossover with an overall length of about five meters.

Mercedes-Benz pics

Mercedes-Benz picture

The power unit S version will develop the power up to 544 horse powers (400 kW); GT version for maximum capacity will reach 612 hp (450 kW). The company Mercedes promises that the new electric car can travel on a single charge of at least 450 km.

Mercedes-Benz concept coupe suv pics

Mercedes-Benz concept coupe suv picture

Automakers around the world perceive the decision of the company (meaning the construction of a new platform EV) as more stringent measures to control greenhouse gas emissions in the US and Europe in the coming years.

Therefore, automotive companies have no choice but to compete with other electric vehicles with their latest developments.

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