Mercedes Began the Tests of a “Triple DRS”

March 6, 2013 at 09:31

The first question that might appear, when you read the title of the article is – what is that DRS, that the company began to develop. In fact, before we go into the details of the news, we will give our readers the answer, so that to make sure that everyone understands the theme we are developing here. So, DRS means – Drag Reduction System. Engineers at the Mercedes AMG, had the first aim, which is to create a system, known as “DRS-duct” or “double DRS”, they did it quite successfully, and thus they set a new goal. They have given rise to a trend that was picked up by other teams to develop a triple DRS.

Mercedes DRS racing car

Image of the Mercedes DRS racing car

However, it seems that the development of Mercedes cars’ spare parts, in which the flow of air from the rear wing is redirected to the front via the duct system that gave some speed advantage in qualifying when the machine is moving in a straight part of the track, but it is not without drawbacks, and F1 News talked about this.

Mercedes racing car

Picture of the Mercedes racing car

During the trainings in Germany and Hungary Lotus F1 experienced its version of DRS-duct, but the system that is set up in Enstone, interacts only with the rear wing. The team assumed to apply for the first time the development in field they have made on the conditions of the track at Spa, but due to rain on that day, they could not really try it out. Thus we wait for further news.

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