In the 5th “Die Hard” 14 Models of Mercedes-Benz Were Used

February 4, 2013 at 09:10

The action of the fifth series of mega-popular epic “Die Hard”, which this time is called A Good Day to Die Hard, takes place in Moscow, where the immortal John McClane (Bruce Willis) arrives in order to deliver from prison his son Jack (Jay Courtney). It is no accident that the slogan of Series in Russian sounds like “like father like son”. But not this is important, the most interesting thing is that there were more Mercedes cars in the film, than the number of the famous actors.

Mercedes cars featuring in the Die Hard movie

Image of the Mercedes cars featuring in the Die Hard movie

However, as the world premiere of new Die Hard is scheduled for 7th, and Russian – on the 14th of February, then very soon we will see and appreciate the new models in the movie. At the same time for us the interesting fact is that the filming of the fifth series involves 14 models of the brand Mercedes-Benz, which can be considered personal record.

movie Die Hard and the Mercedes model

Picture from the movie Die Hard and the Mercedes model

Perhaps, on this background, achievements of all other automakers fade, who readily agreed, or are initiating part of their vehicles in various films. Today it is known that among the movie stars there will be not only sedans C-and E-class SUVs G and GL (including prefixed AMG), but also Vito, vans Sprinter, all-wheel drive trucks and Unimog modeled Zetros, and premium Maybach.

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