Geneva Motor Show – From Start of Mercedes Till Now

February 6, 2013 at 09:46

At the International Geneva Motor Show Mercedes has always been unique, this time we want to tell you what the company did at the previous show. The legendary German company Mercedes-Benz showed its evolution over 125 years of existence, and also it has introduced several new models and the year of the opening of its 125th anniversary. New things from Mercedes-Benz apart from the cars, there were presented the German national football team and the outstanding rider.

Mercedes SLS e-cell

Image of the Mercedes SLS e-cell

Now about the evolutions-show in more details. Opening ceremony of its stand at the Geneva Motor Show there was a Mercedes Simplex car, it began producing in 1902 and was produced to 1909. This model has played a special role in the German firm, it is with this machine that the widespread use of the brand Mercedes began. After presenting this model German manufacturer presented its most automated car named Mercedes-Benz SLS E-cell, the assurances of the creators of this car will be available in 2013.

Mercedes A-class e-cell

Photo of the Mercedes A-class e-cell

Dieter Zetsche, head of Daimler reported that all of the latest cars of Mercedes-Benz will strictly follow the principle of “elegant sportiness”, and this principle is hidden away in the human DNA. As for the present, at the Geneva Motor Show, a world debut of Roadster Mercedes-Benz SLK coupe and the new generation Mercedes-Benz C-class was made.

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