Future Employees of Mercedes-Bosch Department

January 12, 2013 at 07:34

There were already many talks about the joint project of the Bosch and Mercedes companies. As we have asked the fans, they are mainly positive about this idea, since the both parties will benefit from it. However, there also were skeptical people, who were saying that the expertise of the motors should not be given to the company of the house-hold technical application items. All in all we will see in the future what comes out.

Mercedes AMG model car

Photo of the Mercedes AMG model car

It is expected that in the IV quarter of this year the work of the joint venture of Bosch and Mercedes will begin with the starting human capital of approximately 100 employees. EM-motive GmbH will be led by two directors with the same authority and same level of responsibilities, one from each partner company. The responsibilities of the leaders are not known yet, including the fact, that what divisions and departments are going to be in this project.

Mercedes racing cars

Photo of the Mercedes racing cars

The purpose of cooperation between the companies Daimler and Bosch in the field of electric vehicles is the integration of knowledge and a possibility to take advantage of joint activities, and as a result, accelerated developments in the field of electric premium for electric vehicles with battery and fuel cell expanded capacity and extended reach.

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