Daimler is the example in the sphere of climate and environmental protection

November 15, 2014 at 23:56

The concern Daimler AG has been recognized as a leader in the automotive industry on the Conference on the problem of climate protection in 2014, which was organized by CDP (confidential project of data collection from large businesses relating to the emission of greenhouse gases) in Munich. The company received the highest award for outstanding contribution and exemplary transparency in the fight against the climate change, gaining maximum points (100) in the Index of disclosure about climate protection (CDLI). Daimler has also been awarded the highest rating of “A” for the measures already taken by the company, as well as plans for reducing emissions of CO2.

daimler eco company image

daimler eco company picture

So, CDP noted that in new cars of Concern sold in Europe, CO2 emissions have fallen by more than 20% to 134 g / km over the past five years. In addition to improving directly models the company has also optimized its production. By 2020, carbon dioxide emissions in the European plants of concern will be reduced by 20% against the growth in output. Thus, the part of emissions per one car will decrease by 2/3 according to the report of Daimler AG.

daimler eco company pics

daimler eco company picture

This year the group from Stuttgart was also named best manufacturer according to the German transport Club (VCD).

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