AMG Will not Make Hybrids and Hypercars

March 18, 2013 at 11:45

We all have a clear picture that the Mercedes company is working with multiple divisions that do the job at its best, thus almost everyone has an idea about the AMG division, which seems to have been at the company right from its start. However, not so long ago, it has celebrated its 50th anniversary, the age in the car industry of such a period is considered an influential one. But the head of the studio to develop AMG cars Tobias Moir said that at present the company has no plans to develop hybrids and hypercars.

Mercedes AMG car line

Image of the Mercedes AMG car line

Many of the car magazines have announced that this is the news that will bring the rating of Mercedes down. Although Moir and said “hypercar from AMG will not be produced” he also said, that soon will be a new model, which will take a place between C63 and SLS. In addition, in the nearest future they will have to show the replacement of the supercar SLS.

Mercedes AMG 2012 car

Picture of the Mercedes AMG 2012 car

It is reported that instead of developing hybrid technology, the studio will focus on creating a light and strong materials and more efficient engines. However, at this moment, fans that are simply in love with the supercars cannot understand this decision of the Mercedes company and the AMG division. All in all, some time will pass and everyone will be better off.

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