Women Soccer and Mercedes C-class – Two in One

March 10, 2013 at 09:32

Many different events are supported by the Mercedes company, at the same time, this car brand also supports different famous people. But in this article we want to talk about the very interesting case of such a marketing from Mercedes. Some of the fans already know, that sports events work the best for car advertisements, but not everyone knows that women soccer is also a very good ground for that.

white Mercedes C-class

Image of the white Mercedes C-class

The new coupe from Mercedes-Benz of the C-Class model represents the German women’s national soccer team. The new car has a diverse set of driver assistance systems, while it has also both elegant and dynamic appearance. As the main driving force for the two-door novelty acts the powertrain lineup consisting of five engines. The top version will be equipped with an engine capacity of 306 horsepower, its average fuel consumption in the combined cycle will be only 6.8 liters per hundred kilometers.

new C-class Mercedes

Image of the new C-class Mercedes

This is a very great car, so that there should not be any misunderstandings with the sport they are supporting it. In no way Mercedes wants to make this car a solely women one. On the contrary, the sport is mainly connected to men, especially if we are talking in terms of the strong German team, but, the developers wanted to go beyond the common image, which is not interesting for the broad public and thus they chose this way.

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