Unmanned Mercedes cars will be equipped with stereo cameras LG

December 25, 2014 at 22:56

The company Mercedes-Benz and Korean manufacturer LG Electronics have signed an agreement under which will be developed stereo camera for machines with autonomous control systems.
Both companies hope for “long-term cooperation,” but the details of their joint work are not reported. The LG noted only that in the future the company will supply Mercedes-Benz “key components” for cars with autopilot.

A stereo camera system used in an autopilot, for example, for detecting the road surface ahead of the vehicle and changes in accordance with the received data, suspension stiffness. Moreover, a stereo camera is used Subaru package EyeSight security systems for detecting vehicles stoplights.

Unmanned Mercedes with LG cams pics

Unmanned Mercedes with LG cams image

The first production model of Mercedes-Benz with the autopilot will be the S-Class of the current generation. Sedan will get a system of autonomous control during the upgrade, scheduled for 2017.

Unmanned Mercedes with LG cams pics

Unmanned Mercedes with LG cams picture

In September it was announced that the authorities of the US state of California allowed Mercedes-Benz to test cars with the autopilot on public roads. A similar permission from the officials have Audi Company.

Machines with autonomous control systems, many companies are developing. Works in this area are, in particular, Volvo, Google, Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Ford, Continental and Renault.

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