The New S-Class Is the Safest Mercedes-Benz Ever

December 28, 2012 at 05:28

All of us have heard such a saying as the German quality and German safety. However, not all of us have ever witnessed the way German cars get acquainted for such characteristics. However, we have gained a special opportunity, as the new Mercedes-Benz S-class car has been called the safest car ever. That is the theme of the today’s article for our readers.

Mercedes S-class

Photo of the Mercedes S-class

How will look the next generation of the comfortable flagships sedans from Mercedes-Benz, we have known for a long time. One design, however, is not enough to attract buyers so that the company would feel so secured in terms of the revenues for the upcoming year. In the current standing in 2012 the second half of the year has gone quite good for the company, and the case for innovation systems, which should be the trump card in the competition were well designed.

Mercedes_Benz S-class car

Picture of the Mercedes_Benz S-class car

In particular, one of the features of the new S-Class will be a stereo camera. A device that allows to get an overview about the machine at a distance of 50 meters, it will allow not only the possibility of easy parking, but also will help to avoid accidents at the intersections on the roads. That is why the new S-Class is the safest Mercedes car ever.

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