New Dimensions of Mercedes C-Class Car

March 24, 2013 at 09:35

As the new model of the Mercedes car will be changes a little in the dimensions, because the car needs to become bigger, as the developers decided, because they want it to stand out from the other models of the company and be mixed with them, because C-Class is a unique car.

new C-Class Mercedes car in Wald gear

Image of the new C-Class Mercedes car in Wald gear

The new sedan will be increased in length by 100 mm which makes its full length increase up to 4700 mm, in such a way, the car appears to be approximately of the same length as the competitor Audi A4 and if compared to the other brand, it will be for 75 mm longer than the BMW 3-series competitor’s model. Increase in the length of C-class Mercedes was the decision to fully dilute it with a compact CLA, with which the car has been associated in the car magazines, and which will be available in the summer of 2013 and will be positioned at half a step lower model than the C-class.

w205 C-class Mercedes

Photo of the w205 C-class Mercedes

Most interestingly the wheelbase of the new younger model of Mercedes C-class will increase by 80 mm that will make the total wheelbase increase to 2820 millimeters. Front and rear track will be increased by 40 mm, whereby the width of the car will be in total 1810 mm. Trunk volume, in turn, will increase to 485 liters, thus allowing more freedom for the owners.

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