Mini-Review of Mercedes C350 Elegance

February 18, 2013 at 09:14

Our mini-review of the great auto Mercedes C350 Elegance is an attempt to understand what is it and show to our readers what to expect from the car, when you buy it. Here we go in this article with a short discussion of rather everything about the car, so that in case some part interests you in more details you will be able to find the information on your own or contact us on our website and we will provide in our articles to follow all that you want to know.

Mercedes C350 Elegance

Image of the Mercedes C350 Elegance

After a span of operation of 30 years and 8.5 million cars sold Mercedes did 190E with a rear-drive compact layout, leading the company’s sales. And 4 years after the release of this model in the sale of the company Mercedes had, so to speak, an extensive refurbishment, after which the C-Class has got 2,000 new parts, including aluminum hood and fenders and some aluminum doors.

front of the Mercedes C350 Elegance

Picture of the front of the Mercedes C350 Elegance

Before the advent of the version of the AMG, the car C350 is the most advanced model of the gasoline line: the Elegance version are chrome 17 “9-spoke alloy wheels with easily, daytime running lights, fog lights, suspension ‘Agility Control’, climate control, cruise control, leather steering wheel, a color screen, the system «Attention Assist» and “bouncing hood”, ensuring the safety of pedestrians in emergency situations.

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