Mercedes Viano Special Series Has Everything You Need

March 22, 2013 at 09:36

Every one has a special view on the limited series cars, because everyone wants to have those. They are special, they are unique and most importantly they are limited. This makes them stand out of the crowd of other cars. Thus all the eyes were glued to the special series of the Viano cars, that as the developers claim have everything that we need.

Mercedes Viano special car

Image of the Mercedes Viano special car

In complete “Special Series” new flagship Mercedes-Benz Viano AVANTGARDE has everything you could want, this also is noted in the conclusion of the car magazines. If you need a bi-xenon headlamps with swivel function, sports suspension with air suspension rear axle, electric sliding door on the right side of leather seats, headrests and side panels, climate control Thermotronic c optional climate control system in the rear – this is the a vehicle in which all these dreams come true. The new Grand Edition Viano AVANTGARDE raises the premium on a higher level.

side view of Mercedes Viano

Photo of the side view of Mercedes Viano

New exclusive model in the family is the epitome of refined Viano sports style from Mercedes. Crystal-white body color combined with sporty black grille is the prime one, but may be there will the possibilities of other colors. The car comes with a spectacular 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with tire size 245/45 R19.

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