Mercedes S-Class Will Have 25 Sensors

January 8, 2013 at 05:03

Today we will talk about the details of the S-Class Mercedes car, as many of our readers have reported that they need more interesting facts about this car, thus we want to present them to you. Another interesting feature of S-class is the fact that it has 25 sensors, infrared and ultrasonic sensors. All this is necessary in order to scan the traffic situation at a distance of 500 meters. LEDs of 190 pieces in the brand new flagship completely replaced the incandescent bulbs that the car will not install.

black Mercedes S Class

Picture of the black Mercedes S Class

In addition to traditional bags, the new Mercedes-Benz will be installed with the unusual belts: they also inflate during a collision. The usual system of warning the driver of tiredness and the intersection of the continuous marking now controls also the safety of overtaking (review is given by cameras and sensors).

Mercedes S-Class with 25 sensors

Photo of the Mercedes S-Class with 25 sensors

Recall that the car will get a wider grille, LED headlamps, borrowed from the CLS, with LED turn signals and a more upright windshield. Some body panels are made out of aluminum to reduce the weight of a sedan. Most likely, the new generation of S-Class will be slightly wider than the current model. According to unconfirmed information, the design of the new flagship of Mercedes will overlap with the concept of the new F700 and CLS.

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