Mercedes-Maybach called rival of second-hand Rolls-Royce

March 16, 2015 at 18:01

At Rolls-Royce said they did not consider the sedan Mercedes-Maybach as a competitor to their new cars. The automaker said that the German novelty can compete for customers with only second-hand cars of the British brand. This is with reference to the Head of Public Relations Rolls-Royce North America Gerry Span said the publication CarAdvice.

Mercedes-Maybach picture

Mercedes-Maybach pics

“If you look at how we evaluate competitors, Mercedes-Maybach is not a competitor Rolls-Royce. Maybach may be able to compete Ghost, selling about program Provenance (factory software sales of used cars Rolls-Royce). For us it is a totally different category. Maybach great car, but we do not consider it as a competitor, “- said Spann.
Head of Public Relations Rolls-Royce also noted that the company believes its opponents not as many machines as yachts, planes and luxury properties. He added that in this segment of the market buyers are not interested in the price of the car.

Mercedes-Maybach pics

Mercedes-Maybach image

“There are people who buy a Maybach, because they want to buy a Maybach. Our customers buy Rolls-Royce, because they want to get an exclusive thing, “- said Spann.
Mercedes-Maybach sedan was introduced in November 2014. Novelty differs from the standard S-Class increased by 20 centimeters long. The model is available in two versions: S 500 (455 hp) and S 600 (530 hp).

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