Mercedes is Thinking about a Compact SUV Based on the B-Class

January 6, 2013 at 13:52

Today we will talk about the news of the Mercedes company, which we have learned from one of the car magazines. Car edition, citing its own sources in the Mercedes-Benz announced that the company is considering the possibility of producing a new compact SUV model. It is assumed that the car will be built on a new modular platform of Mercedes-Benz, on which have already been built the hatchback A-class and B-class compact van.

Mercedes SUV 2013

Image of Mercedes SUV 2013

A design of a compact SUV will be made in the style of G-class. Despite the so-called “square” appearance, the new SUV car should have better aerodynamic properties than the G-class. The main competitor for this model sees the German manufacturer only in the Land Rover Defender or in other future developments of that Company. While the project was not given the “green light”, it is has the working title of H156. But if it did start in production, it should get the name of GLG.

SUV Mercedes-Benz car in winter

Photo of the SUV Mercedes-Benz car in winter

Car edition also learned that the new product will be available in both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive options. A range of motor vehicle will consist of gasoline and diesel power trains volume capacity from 122 to 204 hp. It also reported that in the case of a positive decision on the compact SUV, its access to the world markets will be held not earlier than 2015.

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