Mercedes C350 Blue Efficiency Elegance Gives You Full Control

December 4, 2012 at 03:51

Today we are going to talk about the car with a very interesting name for the Mercedes company – the C350 Blue Efficiency Elegance. Many of our readers admit that they have already heard about this car, but for those, who have not heard about it yet, we provide this article. Despite the seriousness of an improved design, the main feature of this model is the new V6 engine with direct injection, which is superior to a standard one not only for the efficient power increase of 36 hp, and fuel economy, which reaches 31 percent. The new engine is equipped with an improved version of the seven-speed automatic transmission from Mercedes.

Mercedes C350 Blue Efficiency Elegance

Image of the Mercedes C350 Blue Efficiency Elegance on the road

Even as the high-spirited car with the great engine, C350 is surprisingly cool even on the sophisticated and complicated turns of the difficult Tenerife, and it has equal success on the extremely steep and narrow mountain roads as well. Confidence in the control is achieved through a combination of weight and slowness, which, at the same time, makes it easier to control at high speeds.

Mercedes C350 Blue Efficiency Elegance

Picture of the side view of Mercedes C350 Blue Efficiency Elegance

It seems that the C350 gives the driver time to think, so that makes it easier to react to sudden narrowing loop serpentine. C350 also has an excellent grip, so even on a very bumpy road in a very bad weather, you will not feel as “land away from the wheels.” Stability and full control, isn’t it what the driver wants from the car?

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