Mercedes-Benz Refuses the Model SLS AMG

March 12, 2013 at 09:30

As the company, which has already showed the pictures and even models of the new concepts that they have developed creates an idea of waiting and anticipation in the fans and people who want to buy this car in the future. Thus the company always has to be very careful with such events. Because sometimes not so good news can come up with the models like this, like it happened in the Mercedes Company. In the nearest future, Mercedes-Benz will present a concept car, which is a harbinger of a new supercar, which completely replaces the SLS AMG, thus the company will refuse the last one. It is reported by Autocar, citing an unnamed senior manager of the German manufacturer.

Mercedes SLS AMG car model

Image of the Mercedes SLS AMG car model

According to the official publication, the “Mercedes” headquarters are going to replace the SLS AMG with not the same-size car, but a more compact one, which would be able to compete for customers with the Porsche 911. It was assumed that this model will be named SLC AMG and will be issued with the SLS. Now a German company probably decided to completely abandon the supercar with “gull wings”.

red Mercedes-Benz SLS

Photo of the red Mercedes-Benz SLS

Autocar source of ours added that the family of SLS AMG will be sold in a few years, without naming the exact time to the market of its successor. According to the preliminary data, the new product will be available in 2015.

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