Mercedes-Benz ML Armored Car Has Protection Level of VR4

March 14, 2013 at 09:18

Sometimes the cars that we drive give to us the sense of the full power and security. But the Mercedes company decided to take this security to the whole new level. They wanted to make their drivers totally invincible and they did that, thus in this news article we will talk about the car that literally has armor on it.

Mercedes-Benz ML Typhoon

Image of Mercedes-Benz ML Typhoon

This is, we have to admit, the first time in the car market that the armored car is made as the production version. There are no denying that the armored cars were made for the influential people and also under the order that were given to the Mercedes company. But they decided, that maybe they should add such an option for the simple people as well. Mercedes only wins from such a decision, since they increase their quality. The car that put itself into armor is called Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTEC and also another version was made into such a version that has a name of ML500.

wheels of 2013 Mercedes ML

Image of the wheels of 2013 Mercedes ML

The level of the protection this car gives is called, thus the protection class VR4, which is very high if we are talking about the car for the consumers. Every person is able to find what other levels there exist and what kind of a level has a simple car from the Mercedes model line.

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