Mercedes-Benz Guard – the Car in Armor

March 4, 2013 at 09:11

Many different demands Mercedes company is trying to satisfy, and we have to admit, that they are quite successful at it. However, not all of us do really know that this company has also been producing such interesting types of cars as the armored limousines for different occasion.

Mercedes Pullman car

Image of the Mercedes Pullman car

It all began 80 years ago, when Mercedes-Benz was the pioneer in the development and manufacturing of limousines that were called Pullman, and their feature was that they had a special protection in the original equipment. In 2008, in Stuttgart, it presented its new development – Executive Limousine for the heads of state, dignitaries and royalty – the model called S 600 Pullman Guard with integrated factory special protection of the high level. Thus, Mercedes-Benz continues the tradition of creating large armored vehicles and executive notes the special anniversary – the 80th anniversary of the first production car with special protection to original equipment.

Mercedes limo Pullman

Picture of the Mercedes limo Pullman

Originally “Pullman” was called particularly spacious and comfortable sleeping wagons, produced by the special Car Company. In 1920 this designation was used in the automotive industry for large comfortable limousines with a partition in the cabin. Then began the history of limousines Pullman Mercedes-Benz, exceptional for its spaciousness and comfort.

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