Mercedes-Benz GL-Class – Test-drive in USA

January 4, 2013 at 04:19

When we found that test-drive of a new generation of Mercedes GL SUV will be held in the U.S., the head automatically surfaced collage of images seen in the movies, gleaned from books. Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers of New York intricately entwined with the Golden Gate in San Francisco, Miami Beach, and the lights of Vegas, of course, letters of Hollywood in the hills of Los Angeles and all of that being the background for the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

blue Mercedes-Benz GL-class 2013

Image of the blue Mercedes-Benz GL-class 2013

The answer to the question “Why U.S.?” is really simple. America is the main market for large SUVs in general and for the Mercedes GL in particular. In the last year alone, the sales were noted to go all over the numbere 27,000 of the GL of the past generation. In Stuttgart the hope of the headquarters that the new car should only not lose the face, of the great sales of its predecessor, were fully covered, because the GL class was the winner in the contest of popularity on one of the biggest world markets.

side view of Mercedes GL-Class

Photo of the side view of Mercedes GL-Class

To win the contest, the car will try to improve everything from the comfort and quality of interior finishing and off-road performance and fuel efficiency. Two days for a couple with a new “gee-ale” the test-drivers will discover America through a variety of mountain landscapes of New Mexico, in such a way everyone will figure out how much the Mercedes GL is best in succeeding generation.

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