Mercedes-Benz G-Class with better off-road capacities

January 22, 2018 at 23:12

The prototype of Gelandewagen car passed more than two thousand kilometers on Mount Shockle. The new off-road car will retain the spar frame and three locks; will receive aluminum parts, an upgrade of chassis developed with AMG division’s engineers.

G-Class models will be based on new electronic architecture pic

G-Class models will be based on new electronic architecture pic

The front axle is replaced by an independent suspension on double wishbones. The sub frame is not included. The steering mechanism has a rake with an electric booster. At rear there was offered a strengthened and complex axle (instead of one there will be 4 longitudinal levers on each side). As a result, the suspension travel increased, and the ground clearance became six millimeters larger that is equal to 241 mm. The fording depth figure changed from 60 to 70 cm.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class' new cabin picture

Mercedes-Benz G-Class’ new cabin picture

A new Gelandewagen will receive new diesel and gasoline V6 engines. It is also known that the 7-step automatics will be replaced by a 9-step adapted for the G-class models. As for the all-wheel drive and transfer case, they are docked to the main gearbox. The new electronic architecture allowed equipping the SUV with a special G-Mode integrated off-road algorithm. It optimizes power train settings, adaptive shock absorbers and steering.

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