Mercedes-Benz Antos – a New Family of Specialized Vehicles of Daimler AG

December 26, 2012 at 06:00

As we all know the Mercedes company is doing business not solely with the consumer cars, but also with the big and mighty cars supposed to make long distance transfers of the goods, and Mercedes-Benz Antos is going to be a new family, specialised on that particularly. In the end og 2012, the world premiere of a new family of trucks Mercedes-Benz Antos, designed to work in the field of transportation of food commercials, liquid fuel, building materials and utilities will was presented.

Mercedes-Benz Antos

Image of the Mercedes-Benz Antos

The appearance of this family was made possible after a careful study of the requirements for retail delivery vehicles of customers, manufacturers of specialized bodies and market research. The new car is available in two versions: Antos Volumer and Antos Loader, they differ in record year for cargo and cargo capacity.

Daimler truck - Mercedes-Benz Antos

Photo of the Daimler truck - Mercedes-Benz Antos

Options offered to customers include chassis with height of 11, they are considered the performances largest wheelbase (from 3700 to 6700 mm and 300 mm), with wheels of 4 ? 2 and 6 ? 2. At the same time it will have two-and three-axle tractors with a wheelbase of 2650 to 4000 mm. Chassis Antos Volumer have a reduced height by 80 mm compared to the previous models loading height. Wide range of proposed fuel tanks, varying in capacity will be offered.

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