Mercedes Becomes the Most Wanted Car

February 24, 2013 at 09:22

As we clearly realize the age that we live in and the people that are around us, it is no longer strange that the cars are getting stolen. Most of the time this happens because of the careless owners, but still, we cannot deny the fact, therefore, many people became interested in the question – which car is the most wanted in such a perspective. And according to the studies done, such a car is Mercedes.

Mercedes R-Class car

Photo of the Mercedes R-Class car

More then others, in the big cities people lay their eyes in Mercedes G-and R-classes, according to a UK study by the “Alliance”. In comparison with the year before last five most stolen cars in big cities in 2012, completely changes in the top list. The most popular among the capital hijackers became SUV Mercedes G-Class. In second place – Executive sedan Lexus LS. Third place ranking is a crossover Mercedes R-class.

black Mercedes crossover

Photo of the black Mercedes crossover

It may seem strange, because there are two sides to the situation, one is saying that bad things happen on the streets at night and no one should leave their car unattended, and we, the news site for Mercedes surely recommend good parking places. However, this also means that Mercedes is very popular, if some people take only this mark, as it is luxury and is profitable and demanded.

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