How Mercedes C-class Was Presented in the Past and Now

March 28, 2013 at 09:08

Today we will talk about the models of the cars that were presented at the Geneva motor show some time before, but interesting enough is that back in 2011, the previous generations of the models in focus were presented, thus it makes the article even more interesting at this stage.

Mercedes C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

Image of the Mercedes C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

Dieter Zetsche, the head of Daimler reported that all of the latest cars of Mercedes-Benz will strictly follow the principle of “elegant sportiness”, and this principle is hidden away in the human DNA, that why the cars are going to be extremely appealing for the people. As for the present, then at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, a world debut of the Roadster Mercedes-Benz SLK coupe and the new generation of Mercedes-Benz C-class was made.

Mercedes C-class car

Photo of the Mercedes C-class car

The new coupe Mercedes-Benz C-Class currently represents the German women’s national soccer team as we have already mentioned couple of times in our articles. The new car was a diverse set of driver assistance systems, while it is both elegant and dynamic appearance. As the main driving force for the two-door novelty acts the powertrain lineup consisting of five engines. The top version will be equipped with an engine capacity of 306 horsepower, its average fuel consumption in the combined cycle will be only 6.8 liters per hundred kilometers.

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