What Can a Mercedes-Benz Bar Offer

February 20, 2013 at 09:21

As some time before we were talking about the special type of a bar, opened by the Mercedes company, now we want to refresh somewhat your memory and also provide our readers with new information on what this bar really offers and maybe you will understand why the company in fact decided to put money into a bar and not to make a one more small step into the development of their concepts and models.

Mercedes car infront of the Mercedes Bar

Image of the Mercedes car infront of the Mercedes Bar

What in fact the Mercedes Bar represents is quite simple – it is the type of a bar, which is the reflection of the great history of the brand, which would provide the visitors not only with the high quality products, but also with the information about the brand that they have not known before. All fans of the famous car brand Mercedes Bar are offered a list of cocktails and a fabulous menu based on modern European cuisine.

Mercedes cupcake

Photo of the Mercedes cupcake

Musical mood festive evening created are also done in the style of the Mercedes brand. The culmination of the program was a festive concert that would reflect the mood that the Mercedes wants to give to its drivers. Among the guests at the event there were famous faces and celebrities that prefer to drive Mercedes cars. Among all, the interior has some elements of the vintage Mercedes cars, the symbols and logos.

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