New Dimension of Advertising from Mercedes

February 28, 2013 at 09:33

The company “Mercedes-Benz” has become a pioneer in opening new advertising opportunities for the market of the car makers. It is not the first time, when this exclusive car maker takes what is thought of advertising to the whole new level. And without any denying, people benefit from it. What they did is called the spectacular installations, which are in their essence the media facades on the building.

new models of Mercedes

Image of the new models of Mercedes

The object for the installation was selected by the brand in no accident: Today media facades on the building of the Institute not only have no analogues in the country but it also is the largest in Europe. Its size is 48 to 80 meters. That is 3840 square meters and accommodation for large-scale architectural objects that provide a visual perception of graphic image of the automobile from a distance of over two kilometers.

Mercedes car with LED

Photo of Mercedes car with LED

Thanks to new developments, media facades (LED Module) provide a high level of transparency and do not interfere with people inside. Technology of media facades is versatile and allows for dynamic image. However, for reasons of safety as one of its core values, “Mercedes-Benz” supports the use of a static image, which is also convenient and comfortable to read.

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