Museum of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Concern

February 14, 2013 at 09:05

It is clear that such a big concern like Mercedes for sure has a great and rich history of its development that is why it is sometimes crucial to learn it, so that to get to know why the company produces some kinds of cars and that a particular design is more preferable by the developers than the other. All of that the fans now can learn in the museum of the Mercedes-Benz Automotive concern.

Mercedes Museum view

Image of the Mercedes Museum view

“Without the past there is no future”: this is the main opening name of the Mercedes group exhibition of the museum of cars “Mercedes-Benz”. The museum is majorly devoted to the history of the automobile concern, which has over 125 years of great development.

cars in the Mercedes Museum

Picture of the cars in the Mercedes Museum

The unique feature in its architecture reflects the philosophy of the museum building that was made exclusively for the auto brand: innovation – is the key to move on. The museum building is in the form of the inside part of the DNA double helix – a symbol of the genetic memory of concern. Because this is the main part of the concern – genetics, history, and visitors are told this right from the start. Visitors are offered two options for bypassing exposure: the first takes you through the seven halls, which tell the story of the legendary car “Mercedes-Benz”. Here you will find the most interesting historical facts from the era of the car development and the pioneers of the automotive end models – stakes racing.

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