Mercedes will make electric cars Tesla competitors

December 13, 2014 at 23:20

German automakers create their own competitors electric cars Tesla.
First of all, to respond to a competitor from California is going to the company Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. In both cases, manufacturers are planning to develop a car that will be driven by an electric motor and has a range of at least 400 kilometers.

New electric Mercedes is unlikely to be built on the architecture of the existing models. However, we know that we are talking about a car that size will be similar to sedans E- and S-Class. Although the final decision on the production of the electric vehicle is still pending, it is known that it is particularly insists the head of the German company Dieter Zetsche. The appearance of luxury, “Mercedes” Power in the market should not expect before 2021.

Mercedes  electric cars pics

Mercedes electric cars picture

In the case of Porsche prospects brighter – a new electric car can go as early as 2018. And, most likely, it is a model built on the basis of the current generation Panamera. In the design of new items will be used aluminum and high-strength steel.

Tesla Model S pics

Tesla Model S picture

No less interesting plans Audi – unlike its competitors in the company does not want to create a luxury sedan or hatchback, and coupe like looking crossover. Moreover, this model will compete not with Tesla Model S, but with a crossover Model X, which is only to be released. The Audi plans to start selling electric car with a cruising range of 400 km by the end of 2017.

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