Mercedes changed the procedure of naming models

November 29, 2014 at 23:31

The German automaker has changed the names of the four models and explained the new logic notation engines. According to the manufacturer, now Mercedes-Benz customers will be able to quickly sort out all the variety of powertrains.

According to the director of marketing for Mercedes Jens Timur, in the new scheme has more “clarity, transparency and consistency.” “The logic of the new name is based on the basic models, which should help our customers to better navigate the expanding portfolio,” – said Timmer.

Mercedes new system of denomination picture

Mercedes new system of denomination image

According to the adopted procedure, all SUVs “Mercedes” with the exception of G-Class will get the GL prefix. For example, Mercedes-Benz GL now will be called GLS, where S means that the model is the flagship vehicle.

The new notation will be introduced gradually with the release of updates for each of the models. For example, the 2016 SLK roadster will become the fourth generation in SLC.

Mercedes new system of denomination pics

Mercedes new system of denomination picture

In addition, the designation engines Mercedes-Benz will change too. The type of power plant will be indicated by a lower case letter next to the model name. At the same time gasoline engines will not designate a special way.

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