Mercedes-Benz will release a “miniature” of G-Class

November 23, 2014 at 14:29

You can love the design of the famous “Gelandewagen”, but you cannot remain indifferent. Apparently the same thoughts firmly entrenched in the minds of leadership German auto giant. Mercedes plans to launch in 2019 a new SUV GLB-Class, which will combine the recognizable design G-Class, the proportion compact van B-Class crossover and dynamics GLA. The new SUV will be built on a modular platform MFA 2nd generation, which will also be the basis for a hatchback Infinity Q30. The new design is lighter, stiffer and less expensive the current version used on the A-Class and B-Class.

Mercedes-Benz miniature G-Class pics

Mercedes-Benz miniature G-Class picture

It is reported that the model is present in the road and off-road versions. At the same time will be the first front-wheel drive only, while the second will get a body kit and off-road wheel drive system 4Matic.
GLB receive a seven-seat interior, in which the third-row seats are folded flush with the floor, and the second seat can move in the longitudinal direction.

Mercedes-Benz miniature G-Class image

Mercedes-Benz miniature G-Class pics

It is expected that the SUV will be equipped with gasoline and diesel three- and four-cylinder engines. An estimated power of 2-liter is 206 and 275 hp for diesel and gasoline engines. A “charged” modification GLB 45 AMG will get a 385-strong “heart.”

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