Daimler Will Establish a Joint Production of the Electric Motors Together with Bosch

December 16, 2012 at 04:37

The great competitive environment in the car market forced many companies to the bay of their activities, but not the Mercedes-Benz. This car manufacturer was able to withstand the difficult times with excellence by the means of diversification and mainly by the great use of the outside knowledge and the research capacity. In such a way, today we are going to talk about the fact that the Mercedes company together with Bosch, other widely known German company, will establish a joint production of the charged engines.

Mercedes charged car with turbo engine

Photo of the Mercedes charged car with turbo engine

Company Daimler AG and Robert Bosch GmbH have completed all the rounds of the long and boring negotiations and signed an official paper on their partnership. The agreement to establish a joint company in equal parts for the production of electric motors was signed by both parties and the CEOs shacked their hands. In the near future, this cooperation will bring benefits to both parties in the equal forms. The new company, which will develop, manufacture and market innovative electric motors, electric chargers and the electric cars is going to be called EM-motive GmbH.

frontal view of the Mercedes electric car

Photo of the frontal view of the Mercedes electric car

The head office and industrial companies will be located in Hildesheim. Center for Engineering and technical developments will be located near the headquarters of the parent companies in the region of Stuttgart.

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