Mercedes Nimbus Design Is in Fact a Tribute!

February 22, 2013 at 09:36

Today we will come back to the topic of the new concept that is being developed by the Mercedes Company that is called the Mercedes Nimbus car. Particularly we will tough upon the design topic today and say what this car means for the company.

future concept Mercedes Nimbus

Image of the future concept Mercedes Nimbus

Interestingly enough, the concept developed by the Mercedes Company is not going to be smaller, as many people think, but it will be more spacious. However, this in no way means that the car is big, not at all, it is more spacious, but it was accomplished with the use of the new technologies, which allowed to make smaller the place took up by the engines and all of that stuff. Passenger space accommodates up to 5 adults or 3 people with luggage. A large glass area provides a lot of light and the ability to enjoy the scenery. The trunk is very low, between the rear wheels, and is designed as a drawer.

side view of concept Mercedes-Benz Nimbus

Picture of the side view of concept Mercedes-Benz Nimbus

Style of the Mercedes Nimbus can be called a tribute to the world’s first motorized taxi Victoria, built by Daimler in 1897. The driver’s compartment is visually separated from the passenger compartment, large and narrow wheels give Nimbus some resemblance to that wagon. The main lines are inspired by decorative ornaments that allow the machine to perfectly fit into the historic architecture of European cities. Some designers call this element of a retro epoch design of the car.

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