Mercedes CSC Concept – It Will Blow Your Mind

December 14, 2012 at 04:12

The concepts are always great to introduce, because people simply love them, and for the Mercedes Company it is not an exception. Therefore, we are going to talk today about the concept, which was already covered to some point on our news portal, but today we are going to talk about something new about this concept. Interestingly enough, the car magazines said that the Mercedes CSC Concept is going to blow our minds.

Mercedes CSC Concept

Image of the Mercedes CSC Concept new

The prototype is equipped with a two-liter petrol turbo engine with the capacity of 211 hp The engine is paired with a seven-step “automatic machine” of the 7G Tronic. Rumor has it that on the way to the conveyor four-door coupe, as it is called creators get more and diesels, as well as all-wheel drive. Information on when the premiere of the production model is going to be unavailable is not yet available. Perhaps something will be clear after the presentation of the concept Mercedes CSC on some auto shows to follow in the new year.

structure of innerside of Mercedes CSC Concept

Photo of the structure of the innerside of the Mercedes CSC Concept

However, at this point, we can talk about the way car looks and will be positioned near the person. The dimensions of the new concept are as follows – 4637 mm long, 1891 mm wide and 1398 mm high. The size of the car is relatively standard for the concept cars that were earlier produced by the Mercedes company.

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