Mercedes-Benz Nimbus – Inner Design of the Concept

January 10, 2013 at 07:13

Today we are going to talk about the design of the concept car of future under the Mercedes brand, which is called Nimbus. We have introduced it to our readers before, though not so much information can be given in just one article, thus this article will talk only about the inner design of this car.

Mercedes Nimbus concept car

Image of the Mercedes Nimbus concept car

The designer decided to use a layout with four electric motors built into the hub and lithium ion batteries under the floor of the car. This allowed the driver to advance forward and place an additional row of seats for the passengers. As it was mentioned before, the concepts of the super electric cars always seem to be too small, and the size is their main drawback, but the Mercedes company decided to remove such a drawback and make the car perfect. The driver sits in the center in the final designer version of the car and has excellent visibility thanks to the lack of A-pillars and the glass dome like a fighter.

side view of the concept car Mercedes Nimbus

Image of the side view of the concept car Mercedes Nimbus

Above the head of the driver there is the driver element, performing aerodynamic and protective function, as well as visually separates the passenger space from his workplace. According to Slavcho such visor gives the car a certain character and makes it friendly. All in all the design of the car is very futuristic and most probably will most certainly attract a lot of attention.

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