Slogan of the Mercedes-Benz Brand: the Best or Nothing

January 28, 2013 at 15:54

Today we will talk about the marketing of one of the greatly developed companies in the world in the auto market. It is the Mercedes Company. As we know the brands are greatly dependant on the slogan, as it is the calling card of their identity, they proclaim what will be on the lips of the buyers, whenever the see the Mercedes car. Slogan «The best or nothing» is the old version, which was quite successful, but not that catchy as other slogans on the market. That is why the company came to replace it with the current slogan «Like No Other».

advertising compaign of Mercedes-Benz

Image of the advertising compaign of Mercedes-Benz

The new slogan has become a part of a new marketing strategy for Mercedes-Benz, reflecting the brand’s desire to be the best on the market, and brand value – immaculate, fascination and responsibility. However the previous slogan also reflected these traits, but now it is more clear.

Mercedes-Benz Advertising compaign

Photo of the Mercedes-Benz Advertising compaign

Slogan «The best or nothing» was the motto of Gottlieb Daimler, the founder of the group Daimler, which owns the brand and Mercedes-Benz Company as a whole. Advertising campaign with a new slogan started back in 11th June 2010, anticipating the presentation of 16 new models of the brand in 2011. And by now we are able to feel the fruits of it.

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