Mercedes-Benz – the Winner of the Grand Prix “Behind the Wheel” 2013

January 30, 2013 at 09:06

In the end of the winter lat year, particularly on the december 6, 2012 at the Exhibition Center of one of the best car cities in Europe a ceremony was held which was called the Grand Prix “Behind the wheel” -2013, during which there were named the top sixteen automotive innovations of the year. Organizer of the award traditionally was the Publisher of the car magazine “Driving”.

black Mercedes M-class

Photo of the black Mercedes M-class

For the title of the best new products of the Russian automotive market, this time fought 49 cars of the different 13 classes. Voting took place within 4 months between the readers of magazines “Driving”, “Buy a car”, the newspaper “Driving – Region” and visitors of the online resource called “” – therefore everyone was able to vote. All participated interested people participated in the vote, therefore the total audience of the even counted more than 40 thousand people.

silver Mercedes M-class car

Image of the silver Mercedes M-class car

Mercedes-Benz M-Class was the clear winner in the category “Luxury SUV” significantly ahead of its competitors. Mercedes-Benz M-Class of the third generation, which appeared on the Russian market in the spring of this year, worthily continued the success story of this model, setting new standards of efficiency and SUV, while showing excellent agility on the road and off-road on a high cross.

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